Resurrexit sicut dixit. Alleluja!
He is risen as He said. Alleluia!

Mass Times

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Attendance at Sunday Masses for the weekend 28th to 29th May is restricted to those whose surnames start with the letters A to L.

The obligation to attend Sunday Mass remains suspended.

Sunday 22nd May
6th Sunday of Easter

Saturday 5pm — Vigil Mass
9am & 11am — Holy Mass

Monday 23rd May

No Mass

Tuesday 24th May

9.30am — Holy Mass

11.30am — Requiem Mass

Wednesday 25th May
St Bede the Venerable

9am — Holy Mass
7pm – Vigil Mass for Ascension

6.30pm — Holy Mass
followed by Exposition

6.30pm — Stations of the Cross
7pm — Holy Mass

Thursday 26th May
The Ascension of the Lord

9.30am — Holy Mass

9am — Holy Mass
11am — Requiem Mass

Friday 27th May
St Augustine of Canterbury

9am — Holy Mass

11.30am — Holy Mass

Saturday 28th May

11am — Holy Mass
then Exposition & Confessions
until 12 noon

5pm —  Vigil Mass for Sunday

Sunday 29th May
7th Sunday of Easter

Saturday 5pm — Vigil Mass
9am & 11am — Holy Mass


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22nd May 2022
6th Sunday of Easter

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St Joseph’s Catholic Church
23 Gorton Road, Reddish
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The first Mass was celebrated at St Joseph’s on Christmas Eve, 1882. Since that time, the regular celebration of the Mass and the Sacraments has been at the heart of our parish community. This continues to be the case today.

At the present time, however, much has changed in parish life and the world, due to the pandemic. Yet the life of prayer goes on and continues to hold our parish together.

To keep up with developments in parish life—which can be rapid and sudden in the current situation—we very much encourage you to visit the website regularly and also read the newsletter.


Thank you for your visit!


Fr Philip Caldwell

Christmas Octave Masses

Christmas Day

Saturday 25th December

10am - Holy Mass

The Holy Family

Sunday 26th December

9am - Holy Mass
11am - Holy Mass

St John the Evangelist

Monday 27th December

12 noon - Holy Mass

Holy Innocents

Tuesday 28th December

12 noon - Holy Mass

St Thomas of Canterbury

Wednesday 29th December

12 noon - Holy Mass

6th Day of Christmas Octave

Thursday 30th December

No Mass

New Year's Eve

Friday 31st December

6.30pm - Holy Mass

Holy Mary, Mother of God

Saturday 1st January

12 noon - Holy Mass
5pm - Vigil Mass for Sunday