St Joseph’s Church Walled Garden Latest

Since our last post in April 2021 we’ve undergone a change of name!   The walled garden on the Bolton Street side of the Church is gradually taking shape with raised and low beds. A herb and fruit tree area is established and the borders and willow dome are developing well. Further work is in […]

Year of St Joseph: Reflection for May

In the Book of Genesis, Sacred Scripture speaks to us about God’s work: “On the seventh day God completed the work he had been doing (Gen 2:2).” In speaking of this work of God—even if metaphorically, the Bible is not afraid to describe God as a worker. And if we read the first pages of […]

Year of St Joseph: Reflection for April

April Fool April is a month traditionally associated with fools. Were there those who thought Joseph a fool, for taking the pregnant Mary home as his wife? Did they say as much? With what word, what insult, did they taunt him in those narrow streets of Nazareth? Cuckold? Fool? Elsewhere, in Matthew’s Gospel, Jesus has […]

St Joe’s Allotment: April Update

Further work on the allotment has created more paths. Easier access to the space has also been made by levelling the ground and putting down flagstones. Following a great deal of further hard work the parish garden allotment was ready as a venue for the Good Friday service. To celebrate Good Friday in the new […]

Year of St Joseph: Reflection for March

St Joseph and the Mysteries of March This year is not one of them — but there are years when the major events of our faith all fall in the month of March. In fact, it can be, that the Feast of the Annunciation, March 25th; the day on which we celebrate the beginning of […]

Year of St Joseph: Reflection for February and Lent

Lent 2021 is about to begin. This year we have a special guide to help us on our journey to Easter: our Patron, St. Joseph. Pope Francis declared 2020-2021 as a Jubilee in honour of Saint Joseph, so as we begin to consider what to do for Lent, I thought we could reflect on how […]

Year of St Joseph: Reflection for January

With the turning of each year, we inevitably think of the passage of time: A new year means another birthday, another birthday means we’re another year older! Considering what to say, in this little meditation on St. Joseph for the month of January, it was this thought about ageing, that caught my attention. If you […]

Year of St Joseph: Reflection for December

A Little Reflection on St Joseph and Sleep You will know by now that this year has been declared a special jubilee of St Joseph. I thought that each month I would give a little reflection, so as not to let the year go by unmarked. I’m late starting: the year was declared on December […]

St Joe’s Allotment: Beginnings

This is the first post of what we hope will be many recording the development and goings-on of the parish allotment. Work on the allotment started in October of last year. The walled garden at the side of the church has been overgrown for a long time. In the summer of 2019 twelve narrow plots […]

2021: The Gospel of Mark and our Baptism

In 2021, we will read a passage from the Gospel of Mark at Sunday Mass each week. This is the oldest and the shortest Gospel. It is the one that the very early church put together first, with the help of the Evangelist, so as to instruct people in the truth of faith. This Gospel […]